Arrhythmia Alliance is calling for everyone to ‘listen to their heart’ to get to know the rhythm and not just the heart rate. 

Over 100,000 people each year die suddenly from sudden cardiac arrest caused by an irregular heart rhythm.  Over 80% of these deaths could be avoided if people were more aware of their heart rhythm and seek medical advice before it is too late.

The most common heart rhythm disorder is Atrial Fibrillation (AF) which can lead to stroke, heart failure, dementia, depression, anxiety and much more. A simple pulse check to listen to the heart rhythm to see if it is regular or irregular can easily detect potential AF. Once diagnosed, treatments and therapies are available to prevent devastating strokes and heart failure.

The national charity is encouraging everyone to ‘Know Your Pulse to Know Your Heart Rhythm’. Listen to your heart rhythm, and if irregular, speak to your doctor – it literally could save your life.

Arrhythmia Alliance has been introducing pulse checks in COVID-19 vaccine centres to help detect AF. 

“Results have been incredible,” reported Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder of Arrhythmia Alliance. “Such a simple, free, test that can literally save lives – all too often we are aware of our heart rate yet do not realise the importance of also knowing the rhythm of our heart.” 

“Manual pulse checks or the use of digital technology through downloadable apps can help detect potentially fatal arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders) – and can quite simply save us from sudden death or stroke. This simple task that anyone can do not only saves lives but also saves the NHS money from treating and managing the ongoing care for someone who survives a stroke for example. We recommend regular pulse checks and discussions with your doctor throughout the year.  We urge everyone to take just 30 seconds to listen to the rhythm of their heart and those of their loved ones.”

Arrhythmia Alliance has produced videos teaching people how to check their pulse manually or using downloadable apps which detect irregular heart rhythms. Find out more here.

If you suspect you have an irregular heart rhythm, breathlessness, palpitations, light-headedness, fainting – don’t delay, check your heart rhythm and speak to your doctor – it could save your life.

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