A couple from Coventry who adopted a rescue Greyhound later discovered he was the grandson of their previous dog who had died just weeks earlier!

Dog Lovers Rescue Greyhound and Discover Surprise Family Link
Family resemblance – Doreen looked into Rici’s history after noticing how much he looked like Mavis

Doreen and Stewart Hawthorne knew they wanted to adopt another ex-racing Greyhound after 13-year-old Mavis passed away earlier this year. They had adopted Mavis in 2016 from Dogs Trust Kenilworth and so it was to the Kenilworth rehoming centre that they turned once again. 

Doreen immediately spotted five-year-old Rici, who bore a striking resemblance to Mavis. 

Dog Lovers Rescue Greyhound and Discover Surprise Family Link
Mavis, who passed away earlier this year, is Rici’s grandmother

“It was like looking at Mavis,” Doreen says. “It was a few days after he’d come home with us that we  decided to look into his background and discovered the family link. It was incredible,  particularly as before arriving at Dogs Trust Kenilworth Mavis was at risk of being put to sleep.  

“When we adopted Mavis we found out that she had had several litters of puppies and when her racing days were over, she had been taken to a vet to be put to sleep. Luckily, the vet asked Dogs Trust Kenilworth to take her in and we were fortunate enough to adopt her. Here we are several years later with her grandson. It’s wonderful.”  

Doreen was able to trace Rici’s family history using his racing tattoo and records. Although Rici is almost identical to Mavis in looks, when it comes to personality they are very different. 

“Mavis was very calm from the moment she came home, but Rici is a little anxious,” Doreen says. “We don’t think he’s lived in a home before so everything was new to him. 

“But now, he’s really settling in and his personality is starting to shine through. He is enjoying his walks and he loves to run around the garden with his favourite squeaky toys. We missed Mavis terribly, but we are over the moon to have a second member of her family with us.” 

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