The team at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury have said a fond farewell to a dog who had been waiting over a year to find a very special home. 

Boxer Cross, Percy, arrived at the rehoming centre on New Year’s Day 2020 after his owners could no longer care for him.  

Born with a medical condition that affects his back legs, Percy, now four, requires regular physiotherapy and is on daily medication.  

Special Dog Finds Perfect Home After Waiting More Than a Year
Percy loves to play and has made himself very much at home with Vicky

Sue Bromley, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, said, “When Percy was with us lots of people expressed an interest in rehoming him and it’s no surprise. He is adorable and has the most gorgeous soft, hopeful eyes which are hard to resist. 

“But when it got to discussing the fact that he needed daily physio, needed help when it came to meeting other dogs and also that he suffered from separation anxiety, understandably people felt they couldn’t give him everything he needed.” 

That was until Vicky Hammond came along – 15 months after Percy first found himself looking for a new owner. 

Special Dog Finds Perfect Home After Waiting More Than a Year
Vicky is pictured heading off on a holiday walk with Percy and canine companion Jake

Vicky says, “Like many people before me, I’d fallen for Percy even before I met him, but the team were rightly honest with me as they were determined to find him the forever home he needed. And he has! 

“I met him several times at the rehoming centre so I could learn how to introduce him to other dogs, learn the physio exercises and give him the chance to get used to me doing them, and just build a bond with him. Now he’s home, it’s like he’s always been here!” 

Special Dog Finds Perfect Home After Waiting More Than a Year
It didn’t take Percy long to make himself at home

Vicky, from Shrewsbury, does stretching exercises with Percy every day and he is now able to enjoy short runs, as well as walks in the countryside and Vicky, has continued with his training around other dogs. 

“He is doing brilliantly,” she says. “He’s cheeky, affectionate, full of fun. His physio is part of our daily routine and his muscles are getting stronger, he’s pain free and loving life. He is learning that not all dogs are as enthusiastic and exuberant as him, but he has doggie friends now, and he has just enjoyed his first holiday with me in North Wales. To see him having fun on the beach was fantastic. 

“He is basically by my side most of the time but he’s happy to be left alone whilst I pop out to the shops. I always ask him what he wants of course! He is the best dog ever and I will give him the best life possible, whatever it takes, which is exactly what he deserves.” 

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