The UK’s largest dog welfare charity is calling on dog lovers to take part in the biggest ever nationwide survey to help dogs and owners of the future. 

The National Dog Survey by Dogs Trust will help the charity better understand the UK’s 12.5 million-strong pooch population and the part dogs play in their owners’ lives, shaping the support the charity offers to canine companions and their families. 

Dog Lovers Needed to Take Part in 'Land-bark' Survey
Dogs Trust Canine Carer Ella Humphries is pictured with Collie Cross, Speedy, who is waiting at Dogs Trust to find his forever home.

“Through this survey, we want to learn as much as possible about dog ownership to inform what we do to improve dog welfare and support dog owners,” said Sue Bromley, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust’s rehoming centre in Shrewsbury. “Dogs Trust has been around for 130 years and in that time so much has changed when it comes to dogs being at the heart of our family.”

The online survey asks dog owners about everything from how their dog behaves and what training they do with their four-legged friend, to questions about their relationship such as do they celebrate their dog’s birthday and do they tell them they love them. It also covers people’s post-pandemic plans for their dog such as are they hoping to take them into the office with them or will they employ a dog walker, if they are returning to their workplace.  

“This is the first time we have carried out a survey of this kind and we want to hear from dog owners as well as people who don’t currently have a dog but have lived with one in the past,” Sue continued. “By gathering as much information as we can, we will be able to help people and dogs live the best lives possible together.” 

The survey, which can be completed online at, also asks people to say how having a dog improves their life, what advice they would give to people looking to welcome a dog into their family and what one thing could Dogs Trust do to help them and their dog live happily together. 

“This will be the most comprehensive census of dogs and dog lovers ever completed and we would love it if everyone who is passionate about dogs could do their bit to help our four-legged friends of the future have the best lives possible. What people tell us today will help us make sure we are able to do everything we can to support dogs and their owners for the next 130 years and more,” Sue added.  

Dog owners who complete the survey will get tailored behaviour advice sent directly to them. The closing date for the survey is 17th October. 

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