With the climate conversation currently at the top of the UK news agenda and young people leading the way in calling for change, the Royal Meteorological Society has produced a new FREE classroom resource to support the teaching of Weather and Climate in secondary schools.

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) believes all students should leave school with basic climate literacy that enables them to engage with media and political conversation about climate, or to make informed decisions about their own opportunities and responsibilities. 

To help make this happen, the charity has produced a free Teachers’ Guide and resources for secondary schools to support teacher awareness of weather and climate. 

Surveys of teachers by Teach the Future showed that 9 out of 10 teachers agree that climate change should be compulsory in schools, yet only 3 out of 10 feel equipped to teach it.

Weather and Climate: A Teacher’s Guide aims to provide UK teachers with everything they need to deliver relevant, engaging and thorough weather and climate lessons to 11-14-year-old students and above. The book and accompanying online teaching resources are available on the Royal Meteorological Society’s education website.

“Weather and Climate: A Teachers’ Guide will be really useful to me across all key stages and across multiple topics. An excellent reference tool so that I could check up on my subject knowledge by looking in one place rather than trawling the internet. There is more than enough information within each section for me to plan engaging and challenging lessons. I really like the common misconceptions boxes and the clear learning objectives.”

Alison Smith, a Teacher in Oldham.

RMetS are one of the charities on Media Trust’s Weston Communicating Climate Programme. Find out more here.

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