UK human rights charity, René Cassin, is responding to rising concern about violence against women and girls with a ten-day festival of women’s rights. The New Horizons Festival features more than 30 events, and includes high-profile speakers such as:

  • MPs Jess PhillipsCaroline NokesMargaret Hodge, and Stella Creasy
  • Harriet Wistrich, solicitor and founder of the Centre for Women’s Justice, who has represented women who have been sexually assaulted or who have killed violent partners
  • Jess Cummin, artist and disability activist
  • Rahima Mahmut, London-based campaigner against China’s repression of its Uyghur Muslims

The festival aims to equip women and girls with knowledge and skills to help them counter violence and toxicity – from social media, through politics and activism, to dating. And, as René Cassin is a Jewish charity, key themes will be women’s role in Jewish religion and culture, and the power and importance of interfaith solidarity.

René Cassin is a UK-based human rights charity, named after Monsieur René Cassin, the French-Jewish co-author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The charity works to support marginalised communities affected by issues that resonate with Jewish experience – such as asylum, human trafficking and modern slavery, and genocide.

“Much-publicised recent murders are the horrific tip of an iceberg of widespread, endemic violence and discrimination blighting the lives of women and girls. This toxic culture denies women their fundamental human rights – whether at work or in education, in the public realm or in the privacy of a dating app, online or in person. This has to change. We’ve called this festival ‘New Horizons’ because we can see a better, safer world – one built by, and for, women. This festival gives women some of the tools they need to start to build that world. It is celebration of the tireless and under-valued work that women do, the power of their solidarity, and the belief that they can shape a better future.”

Rachel Vogler, Festival organiser at René Cassin

The New Horizons Festival of Women’s Rights runs from Wednesday 24 November to Monday 6 December. All events are free; all are online, with the exception of the festival launch on 24 November at 7pm. Reserve your spot here.

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