Almost four decades into giving back to the community, Epciures event company returns to host Thanksgiving dinner for the 38th year in Brazos Valley, Texas.

Since 1983, this non profit initiative delivers over 2,000 meals to those in need every holiday in the US. The focus is on members of the community who are lonely or who simply can’t afford a meal for Thanksgiving. 

Epciures partnered with organisations Texas A&M Food Services, Brazos Valley Food Bank, United Way, Meals On Wheels, Hospice, and more to bring this initiative to life within the community, all coming together to spread love and warmth this time of year.

Brazos County has a population of over 230,000 residents, with a shocking 45,842 (20%) of those people living in poverty and 40,111 residents (17.5%) not being able to afford health insurance. With the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for a large family being 50 dollars, this initiative has been vital for so many. The families who apply are able to experience a warm meal delivered right to their doorstep, without the financial strain that Thanksgiving entails.

Thanksgiving In The Brazos Valley
Photo: Epicures

The Brazos Valley community throughout the years has been showing their gratitude through Facebook groups and posts, particularly for the 300+ volunteers who donate their time and energy, both in the kitchen and delivering food to houses. Last year alone, 1,400 lbs of turkey, 400 lbs of sweet potato, and 600 lbs of cranberry sauce were given out to the public, a huge effort achieved through donations and charities coming together to support the community.

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