Nadiya Hussain, Chef and Author, has helped launch WaterAid’s new campaign ‘Thirst for Knowledge’. 

This campaign is focused on bringing clean sanitation, water, and hygiene to schools across the globe. It is specifically focusing on helping to build and shape a better future for girls in school. The campaign is aiming to help nearly thirty thousand people and 30 schools in Nepal. 

In Lahan, South Eastern Nepal, schools are experiencing horrendous working conditions. With the already difficult to navigate landscape of the area and unpredictable weather, children who attend school are faced with “yellow and dirty” water, extremely limited toilet facilities, with existing ones in terrible condition, meaning children often go to the toilet in the fields of the school. Girls who attend school often miss out on days if they are on their period as there are simply no facilities or help offered to give support to these students. 

“Life is not possible without water, since we need water to do everything,” says Puja (12) who has fallen ill from drinking the water containing iron at her school. 

Nadiya Hussain Joins Thirst for Knowledge Appeal
Puja, 12, right along with her friend Kiran. Photo: WaterAid/ Sailendra Kharel

Thirst For Knowledge is specifically aimed at girls due to the fact that the water crisis has a direct impact to their future. Women are responsible for collecting water in 4 out of 5 households. With this task taking up much of their time as well as being life threatening, girls often cannot attend school or work as there simply isn’t time for it, meaning they have no way of earning an income, leaving families in poverty. 

To change this, WaterAid are introducing clean, sustainable water systems, clean toilets and washing facilities, as well as period management provisions within schools, so girls can feel safe going to school, giving them a chance to support their families, and build better futures. 

 “The good news is that water can be an incredible catalyst for lasting change. With clean water, toilets and soap in schools, girls can complete their education and grow up on an equal footing, with the chance to earn a higher income and build better futures for themselves and their families. That’s why I’m so proud to support WaterAid’s Thirst for Knowledge appeal; together we can help transform lives for good,” said Nadiya Hussain.

To help / find out more, visit the WaterAid website

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