Human Appeal, a non-profit organisation that seeks to prevail against poverty, natural disaster, and social oppression, has launched its sixth consecutive ‘Comedy Takeover’. This will take place between the 16th of December until the 31st of December 2021. 

It will involve some of the UK’s best known comedic faces all to raise awareness for Human Appeal’s ‘Winter Emergency Appeal’. Tickets are only £5, and so if you are itching to hear some live comedy after this tumultuous year, this is the perfect opportunity to do so, all whilst raising awareness for a worthwhile cause. 

The Takeover Comedy Show this year will include: 

Ola Labib, Aatif Nawaz, Omar Reagan, Jeremy McLellan, and Ali Official. 

Whilst many of us have the luxury and access to a warm home, presents, family, and food provided for us, this is a stark contrast to those children who sadly face hunger and malnourishment on a daily basis. 


Around 82.4 million people are out in the cold in places like Syria and Afghanistan. As we hear the sounds of Christmas Carols and songs this December, they hear the vivid noises of bombs, war, and violence. 

Human Appeal will use proceeds from the Comedic Takeover to ensure that 90,000 people across 10 countries will be able to face this winter. Proceeds will be used to create winter emergency packs, alongside providing basic necessities to people to tackle hunger, disease, abuse. These are issues that become ever so prominent and worsen within the winter months. 

This Comedy Week will also enable families to access a new way of life, a new standard of living, and hope to alleviate the personal adversities that they tackle each day. The emergency packs will be specifically for children and their families who will be outside in cold, dangerous conditions this winter.

Currently, the figures mentioned above are at its highest, but Human Appeal seeks to alleviate these issues through events such as the Comedic Week and general awareness of the situation.  

Click here to book your tickets.

Please make sure to have read the COVID-19 guidelines for each event before attending. 

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