London based charity WLM launches new digital campaign to raise awareness about its provided services in the capital.

As inequality deepens and life for so many continues to get tougher and tougher, charities like London based West London Mission (WLM) are providing hope for those that need it the most. 

A targeted digital campaign will ensure that those that do not already know of WLM and the work that they do will soon be well aware. The campaign has been curated by Akiko Design agency and will be launched during the festive period on WLM’s social channels, shining a bright light on the wide range of resources and support available. 

WLM has carefully constructed and produced safe spaces that not only promote community and connection but also offer tangible help with courses that teach money management and digital skills. Online safety workshops are also on offer at the spaces with a focus on helping people reconnect with their potential and feel truly valued. 

Roger Clark, CEO of WLM said about the campaign: ‘At WLM we believe in a world where everyone should be able to thrive. To realise this dream, we co-create safe spaces for people to achieve their potential through our community, counselling and criminal justice services.’

Counselling can be transformative for so many. Unfortunately, people with financial issues are often put off by high prices and long waiting lists. WLM offers affordable counselling, and in doing so has been able to take that financial strain and worry away from so many seeking immediate help. Put simply, schemes like this save lives. Society could do with more access to these initiatives, but it is equally important that existing opportunities are given a platform to ensure that everybody in need is aware of available help. 

The WLM website contains real-life stories from those who have leaned on these crucial services. 

Iris, who first visited WLM St Luke’s seeking help with replacing her broken washing machine and cooker, received funding to take care of repair costs for both of these items, as well as obtaining a grant for a hall carpet. 

Unable to visit the supermarket due to ongoing disabilities, she was referred to Age UK’s support service for vulnerable people who managed to arrange a volunteer to do her shopping and drop it off for her. She said of the support: “I was very worried about how I’d get my shopping. Thank you for getting in touch. It’s so easy to phone them and get what I need. I also got sent a free food parcel by social services and that was very helpful. Thank you for the advice and support.”

For Iris, these changes ‘took the stress away.’ Sometimes, that is enough to keep going. 

Find out more about WLM’s services empowering people to make positive changes in their lives via their website. If you know someone who would benefit from support from WLM, please do share their details with them, not just at Christmas, but beyond.

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