The kindness of strangers is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. In fact, 67% of Brits believe that kindness from a stranger means more than from someone they already know. 

Helping to gift kindness to strangers this Christmas is Author Max Porter and designers AAH YES STUDIO, Ruby Taylor, Alexandra Francis and Kate Gibb. They are using their creativity and inspiration to support Syrian and Afghan families this Christmas.

#WrappedInKindness - A simple way to support displaced families this Christmas

UK for UNHCR, a charity raising money to support refugees across the globe, is asking people to join in and show their own kindness towards strangers by donating to help wrap refugees in warmth and kindness. The charity has worked with refugees and artists to create a ‘Wrapped in Kindness’ collection of wrapping paper, which is available to download for free, here.

Designers AAH YES STUDIO, Ruby Taylor, Alexandra Francis and Kate Gibb, alongside the award-winning author Max Porter and refugee artisan group MADE51 have created bespoke designs inspired by refugees’ stories about what warmth and kindness mean to them.

The idea is to encourage Brits to spend the money they would’ve spent on wrapping presents this year to help protect and fight for refugees facing immense challenges this December. 

Upwards of 680,000 residents of Afghanistan fled this year, due to the violence in the area. They now face plummeting temperatures, extreme weather, lack of food, as well as a weak health system, not only affecting the people who fled the country, but the internally displaced people still in Afghanistan.

Syrian refugees are also facing extreme challenges this Christmas, with freezing temperatures, makeshift shelters and a lack of heating and clothing, making life extremely difficult for families. 

55% of Brits believe that we live in a kinder society post pandemic. Let’s join together to support this initiative and help deliver life-saving relief including blankets, tent insulation kits and emergency winter payments to families this Christmas. 

“Kindness is the greatest gift because it restores our hope and becomes something we can pass onto others.”

David Morrissey. 

Take a look at the different designs and download your wrapping paper here.

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