Running for more than 40 years, Who Cares? Scotland was set up to work with care experienced people, empowering their voices and allowing them to share their experiences and opinions, helping young people to find a sense of identity and belonging. 

Care Experienced refers to anyone who has been or is in care, such as living with a relative who is not your biological parents, living with foster carers, living in a residential unit or secure unit, and adoption.

Initially set up on a volunteer basis, the organisation was intended to make change within the care system. It allowed people to reflect on their experiences going through care, and then help to make the changes needed to improve the care experience. 

People in the care system often feel excluded from society, which can make it difficult for people leaving care to find a job or stay in education. This is due to the lack of confidence people in care may experience, feeling isolated from communities. 

The charity has been using online platforms to fundraise, raising over £26,000 over the last four years. This helps fund things such as campaigns and residentials, as well as Christmas dinners for care experienced people, who would otherwise be spending Christmas alone. 

One campaign is Care Experienced History Month: ‘Care Experienced people have been a part of societies across the world for as long as can be remembered. We are calling for global recognition of their history through Care Experienced History Month.’

As well as this, the organisation received the award for UK Charity of the Year, highlighting its ability to create transformational change. 

Care experienced people have the potential to change the world
Photo: Who Cares? Scotland

If you would like to find out more about how Who Cares? Scotland is transforming the lives of those in the care system, please go to their website.

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