Dumped at a train station in December 2020, Penny, an eight year old Jack Russel Terrier, was found covered in scabs and with an eye infection. 

8 Year Old Jack Russel Terrier Enjoys a Christmas First: A Loving Home
Photo: RSPCA

Penny is suspected to have spent her early life at a puppy farm, not knowing what real love is. According to the RSPCA, 1 in 4 dogs come from puppy farms, where they are bread only for their monetary value. 

After being found, she was taken into care at a vet clinic nearby, and then spent time in London Animal Hospital where they found her eye condition to be untreatable. 

Luckily, after moving to Cotswolds Cats and Dogs Home she found a new owner.

“I’d been checking the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home website and when Penny’s photo popped up I just fell in love with her… She had suffered so much and I wanted to give her a nice, secure home where she would feel safe,” said Steph Lane from Gloucestershire.  

After moving into her new home, Penny has found comfort and safety. She enjoys company and loves to cuddle with people, and is given daily medication to help with her skin condition. Christmas for Penny was so much brighter this year, with her frequent walks keeping her moving and a loving home to spend the festive season in for the first time. 

“She loves lots of attention; although she will let you know if you annoy her! She likes to have someone with her all the time but I work from home so luckily I’m around most of the time to keep her company,” Stef said.

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