All children want growing up is someone who loves and supports them. There are sadly many children growing up in the care system who often don’t experience this, or feel isolated and different from their peers. This has a huge effect on many young peoples futures, as that feeling of isolation can cross over into their personal relationships when they’re older. 

In the UK alone, there are more than 200,000 children who are being raised by family and kinship carers. Lifelong Links has identified the lack of support these children receive and want to make a difference in helping young people find a strong sense of community, so children can live life with confidence. 

Lifelong Links connect people who have been in care with their birth family members, as many of the connections that were broken when the child was taken into care should never have been broken in the first place. 

Family Rights Group, founded in 1974, was set up as a retaliation to the injustice that many parents experienced by being involved with children services, specifically the unnecessary separation of children from their families. The organisation been part of changes in many aspects of the care system. For example, parents are now allowed to come to reviews if their child was in care, be included with their Child’s case conference, and have legal representation if their child was subject to care proceedings. 

Before, parents had little involvement or support with the whole process, which is why the Lifelong Links initiative is so important now.

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