Founded in 1968 in Birmingham, West Midlands, Wythall Animal Sanctuary prides itself on saving and rehoming pets and animals that are unwanted. 

Since opening, they have rehoused thousands of animals in the Birmingham area.

As a last resort for the animals, the organisation provides sanctuary to animals who have been neglected, and some animals end up spending their whole loves with Wythall Animal Sanctuary if no suitable loving home is found for them. This leaves the organisation having to pay for all of the bills needed to keep the animals healthy. It costs £4,000 a week to keep the sanctuary running, and is entirely donation and volunteer based.

The organisation had recently been on an urgent hunt to rehome Prue, a cat that has been with them for over a year. She is described as a ‘sweet cat.. all she asks for is a nice warm lap to sit on and a garden to potter about in’. After dealing health issues, she is ready to settle into a new home. 

The 13 year old black and white cat’s luck finally changed and Wythall Animal Sanctuary is thrilled that Prue has finally found someone willing to give her a loving home.

Take a look at the animals still waiting for their forever home here.

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