21-year-old Becca Keen has decided to participate in 22 challenges that are outside her comfort zone. She has endeavoured to do this all to raise money and awareness for ‘The Alzheimer’s Society’ and the amazing services that it offers. This charity is particularly close to Becca’s own heart as her own grandma is suffering from dementia. 

She says: “There are currently 900,000 people alone living with dementia”

The Alzheimer’s Society UK helps support the families of those living with Dementia, alongside those who are living with it offering their services and research facilities. It is the UK’s leading dementia charity, and they campaign for change, fund research to cure dementia, and provide support and comfort to those with dementia. However, there is currently no cure for dementia. 

Becca’s desire to participate in 22 challenges will provide further support for the effort to find a cure for this disease. She will be sharing more of an insight into what the organisation does on her social media platforms. This is also not only to raise awareness but also to help families in a similar situation to her. 

‘22 for 2022’: Young woman to carry out 22 challenges for The Alzheimer’s Society
Photo: Becca Keen Instagram

Her challenge started on the 1st of January 2022, when she went open water swimming at Coniston Water, a five-mile-long lake located in Cumbria. This has been recorded and uploaded onto her channel despite the difficulties she encountered whilst filming with her drone! 

She will also be attempting to video every challenge she participates in to not only hold herself accountable but also to continuously support and raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society.  A video will be uploaded onto her YouTube channel (see below) once every two weeks.

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