A new exhibition showcasing ‘humanity, kindness and resilience’ has been created in London.

Located at the British Red Cross’ head office, the exhibition showcases over 150 years of their history. The items shown are broken down into eight key categories: 

  • Origins of the Red Cross Movement
  • Beginnings of the British Red Cross 
  • First World War
  • Second World War
  • Refugees and displacement
  • Disaster response and preparedness
  • First aid training
  • Health and social care

Importantly, the story throughout the exhibition showcases lesser known stories within the Red Cross, such as how Florence Nightingale influenced the work of the Red Cross and was a part of the committee. 

Museum of Kindness exhibition opens to showcase the history of the Red Cross
Photo: British Red Cross

The artwork on show are also things made in crisis, such as patchwork quilts for the wounded in Changi Prison Camp, or model planes, cars and dolls from World War 2. 

Relevant to our times now, the exhibition also includes health and safety posters with instructions to keep windows open to ventilate rooms. 

This exhibition is so important as it highlights the work of the Red Cross over the years and throughout all of the different time periods the organisation has lived through. 

The Red Cross currently helps people in the UK and all over the world, with a wide range of services. They offer support to refugees and help people in armed conflict whilst speaking up for change and supporting the emergency response units here in the UK. 

To visit the Museum of kindness exhibition, curated by Mehzebin Adam, please email the charity to book your place.

Images are below. 

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