Hackney Foodbank, a foodbank and charity organisation that campaigns for a #hungerfreefuture is partnering up with ‘Poot It In Yer Bag’ over the February half term.

Hackney Food Bank to Provide Free Packed Lunch Meals During Half Term
Photo: Squaremile Food Bank / Instagram

‘Poot It in Yer Bag’ is a community group that also supports Hackney-based families and provides them with free meals. They will also be providing hot soup with bread every Monday from 12-2pm at the ‘Spurstowe Free Kitchen’ at The Spurstowe Arms, during the half term too. 

During the school holidays, those who are disadvantaged or facing hunger crises could potentially go to sleep with an empty stomach. The benefits of school meals is that a healthy and nutritious meal is provided to all children every day. School holidays and the half term often mean that many would not access a lunchtime meal. However, this community initiative will help to tackle these issues, and instead give these children one of their three important meals of the day.

The food provided will be both homemade and delicious! This project will run from the 15th of February until the 19th of February, ensuring that no child in Hackney will face hunger over the holidays.

This has been an issue since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, as families who face food shortages became concerned on how they would provide meals for their children as schools shut down. However, it is due to the selfless nature and pure kindness of organisations like the Hackney Food Bank that strive to prevent this from happening.

Hackney Food Bank to Provide Free Packed Lunch Meals During Half Term
Photo: The Hackney Foodbank / Instagram

Find out more about the Hackney Foodbank here.

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