Instead of paper or plastic cards, Hope Spring Water Charity is proposing we switch to ecards this year. The charity has twenty in their Valentines Day Collection – designed by their volunteers. They can be used for different types of relationships, such as lovers, or family. 

“Valentine’s day ecards are usually the best selling ecards in the first quarter of the year. This year, we are pleased to have extended our Valentine’s Day ecard offering with the new video eCard range” said Temi Odurinde, eCards creator and trustee. 

Because eCards don’t use paper or plastic, they actually help the environment. Every year, 30,000 tons of Christmas cards alone are thrown away, costing £2.8 million in landfill costs. And that is just one holiday! 

Donations from the eCards bought from the Hope Spring platform will fund safe and clean water projects for communities they work with. 

Hope Spring works with families in West Africa. Their approach to accessing safe and clean water is reducing the time many women and children spend collecting water. They believe that the more hours children spend in school will increase the chances of the poverty cycle breaking, meaning water will become more accessible. On average, women and girls walk 3.7 miles a day or 6 hours just to find water. 

To find out more about the Hope Spring eCard collection, please visit their website.

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