Losing a child is a parent’s worst heartbreak, yet the founder of The Luca Foundation, Sharon Luca-Chatha, is “bringing light” and the gift of precious time to bereaved families in their time of crisis.

The Luca Foundation aims to provide a cold cuddle cot for every maternity unit in the UK.

A cuddle cot is a cooling mattress that helps slow down the natural changes in a baby’s body once they have passed away. It allows parents to spend time with their babies and bond with them before letting their angel go forever.

Through this, the charity hopes to give bereaved families more time to say goodbye to their angel babies. By allowing loved ones to see and hold their baby, take hands and footprints, and spend more time with the newborn, a family can find great comfort amid the pain.

In 2012, Sharon Luca-Chatha’s son, Luca, was stillborn at almost full term – ripping Sharon’s world apart.

To support bereaved parents like herself, Sharon started a charitable foundation in memory of her son. Now, 10 years on from Luca’s tragic death, Sharon is aiming to make an even wider impact on the care of bereaved parents across the UK.

Sharon says:

“Cuddle cots are not seen as essential, but I believe there should be a fully refurbished cot in every hospital in the UK. The difference it would have made to me and my husband, Jas, in our own mourning process would have been life-altering. I considered attempting to take my own life following the loss of Luca, and I do not want any other parent to go through the same unthinkable scenario we did.”

There are 157 NHS Trusts with several units at present, most have cuddle cots that will need repair and The Luca Foundation are determined to do that. The cost of each cuddle cot is £1,620.00+ VAT. However, hospitals with at least one cuddle cot in place are requesting repairs or other support.

The Coventry-based charity works to eliminate the risk of further baby loss by raising funding for additional training and health service provision for expectant mothers, as well as similar charities and organizations across the UK.

Find out more about The Luca Foundation here.

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