A dog left tied to the gates of Dogs Trust Merseyside has found happiness at the heart of a new forever family.  Kilo, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was found by staff in March at the Huyton-based rehoming centre. He had been left with his food bowls and a hand-written note by his owner telling staff his name and saying they could no longer care for him. 

The RSPCA has said that thousands of pet ­owners are unable to look after their pets due to the cost of living crisis. The charity said abandonments had increased by 30% over the winter and are now preparing for “one of the toughest summers we’ve ever faced” as families struggle to pay rising bills.

After reading about Kilo’s plight, Darren Fisher and Stacey Flavin got in touch with the team and as they were considered a potential match for him, they were soon on their way to meet him. 

Kilo was found tied to the gates at Dogs Trust Merseyside with his food bowls and a note telling staff his name
Kilo with Darren and Stacey on the day of his adoption

“Our 15-year-old Staffie, Storm, died last year and I found it so sad when I read about Kilo,” said Darren. “We went to meet him and fell for him straight away! We visited him on two more occasions so that he could get to know us better and then he came home with us. From day one he seemed as delighted to be with us as we were to have him home and he settled in straight away.” 

So far this year Dogs Trust Merseyside has found homes for almost 300 dogs and currently has 47 ready and waiting to head home with their special someone. 

“Given the circumstances in which Kilo came to us, we are all so happy that he has found his ideal home and settled in with Darren and Stacey so quickly,” said Georgina Lowery, Dogs Trust Merseyside Manager. “When they contacted us, we were very hopeful that they were going to prove to be a great match for him and once they were introduced, we knew they were.” 

Since moving in with Darren and Stacey, Kilo has grown in confidence and started to show his true personality, playing with toys, enjoying four walks a day and watching the world go by from a prime spot on the sofa. 

“He’s awesome. Obviously we don’t know anything about his background, but he is just perfect,” said Darren. “He loves going out and meeting other dogs and when he’s in the house he’s great company. We are so glad we’ve been able to give him a fresh start and if anyone is thinking of getting a dog, I’d encourage them to rescue. All dogs deserve a loving home.” 

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  1. Jackie Policara on

    Kilo is adorable and it is wonderful he found a loving home! Thank you to all that gave him a new life !