Alzheimer’s Society – the UK’s leading dementia charity – has achieved The Menopause Friendly Accreditation in recognition of its high standards and proven practices that embrace menopause in the workplace. The charity is the first organisation in 2023 to be awarded this distinction.

Alzheimer’s Society achieves The Menopause Friendly Accreditation

The Menopause Friendly Accreditation is industry-recognised and the only accreditation that sets clear standards which must be met. As such, it is truly meaningful and considered by many as a kitemark of excellence for menopause in the workplace. Menopause Friendly employers seeking accreditation must show evidence of their effectiveness in six key areas:

  • Culture
  • Policies & practices
  • Training
  • Engagement
  • Facilities
  • Evaluation

“With one in four people experiencing serious menopause symptoms across society, it’s so important that our workplace is a friendly, supportive and understanding environment,” Corinne Mills, Director of People at Alzheimer’s Society. “Our Menopause Matters network is a safe space for staff to share resources, talk openly about their experiences and host guest speakers. In the 14 months since we established this network, we’ve seen 170 new members – that’s 10% of our workforce. We are so proud to have gained The Menopause Friendly Accreditation and to have our efforts recognised by the Menopause Friendly Independent Panel.”

Outstanding application

Alzheimer’s Society provides information, support, care and research funding to create lasting change for people affected by dementia. As well as its own workforce, the charity holds in mind the fact that many of its partners, consumers and the wider community may be affected by menopause. Its understanding not just of the demographic of its workforce but the knock-on benefits to customers by being menopause friendly, was praised by the Independent Panel.

Other stand out features of its application that deserve special mention are:

  • Its clear commitment to being menopause friendly at all levels of the senior management team, notably the CEO and HR Director
  • Its culture of embedding menopause into its overall wellbeing, equality and diversity communications and initiatives
  • The excellent way its policies are brought to life and openly discussed
  • Its cohesive training plan
  • The clever way in which it weaves menopause into other long term conditions that rely on open and trusting conversation
  • The success of its strategy to use its menopause friendly status to attract and recruit new employees who perceive this as a real asset to the organisation.

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