A group of young carers have worked together to create a comic which captures what it means to be a young carer in Aberdeen City.

Young Carers tell their stories through the medium of comic books

Barnardo’s Aberdeen Young Carers worked with staff from Aberdeen City Libraries and Magic Torch Comics to create the ‘We Care’ comic book, which explores the impact of being a young carer on them and the family they support or care for – the good times and the challenges.

A young carer is a young person up to the age of 18 who cares for a relative, friend, or neighbour who requires emotional or practical support due to their physical health, mental health, additional support needs, misuse of drugs or alcohol and/or where English is a second language.

Currently supporting around 130 young carers, the Barnardo’s Scotland service offers one-to-one emotional support, family support, group opportunities, financial assistance and signposting opportunities.

One young person involved in the project is 12-year-old Cameron Murray, from Kincorth, Aberdeen, who said, “I like comic books and I enjoy drawing, so it was really good to take part. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product!”

Fellow contributor Dante Prate, 14, from Aberdeen, added, “I enjoyed learning about how to properly make a comic book and you can potentially be an amazing author if you put your mind and heart into it!”

Copies of the ‘We Care’ comic will be available to borrow in all Aberdeen City Libraries, with digital copies being shared with all City schools.

Read the comic online here.

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