Qatar Charity (QC) is changing lives one clinic at a time. It recently hosted a free public health camp in Pakistan to nourish, educate and heal the locals.

Malnutrition in Pakistan 

Around 30% of children under 5 in Pakistan live with wasting — rapid weight loss or the inability to gain weight. Malnutrition is the key contributor to this life-threatening problem. Individuals who are underweight and malnourished have a higher risk of developing infections, have a more challenging time fighting them off and suffer from lethargy or poor concentration.

There are many contributors to the country’s malnutrition problem, including poverty and a lack of diverse diets. Pakistan lost an estimated $3 billion due to increased health care needs, decreased productivity and an impact on economic growth. Around $19 million goes towards treating kids living with the condition.

Public health crises often strain financial resources that could go to other causes. Repairing malnutrition is multifaceted, but QC is tackling one step at a time.

Changing the Narrative

QC provides medical set-ups in towns and hospitals throughout the nation. The organization is treating acute malnutrition cases, and educating families and the general public on its causes and solutions.

The initiative focuses on children younger than 5 living with the condition, and pregnant and lactating mothers. Most recently, the charity visited Sanghar, where 48% of kids in this age bracket have stunted growth and over 40% of the entire population is undernourished. Half of Sindh’s mothers are anemic, contributing to a recent increase in childhood malnutrition.

QC hospitals have an organizational system that makes them easy to navigate. Different sections evaluate, treat and provide guidance to families. The professionals working with the charity can test for various nutrient deficiencies and recommend dietary changes to improve their health. They also provide thorough physical exams and free medications for those who need them.

Pregnant women receive free education during the event about the experience of pregnancy and their child’s growth. A diet chart explains the proper calorie and nutrition intake for young children through adulthood, and recommends foods to help them grow stronger. Infant Young Child Feeding sessions instruct mothers on providing the best care for their babies.

Sanghar isn’t the only city benefiting from QC’s care. Earlier this year, the organization expanded health care in the Jhang District of Punjab by constructing a new facility and providing equipment that will benefit more than 200,000 people yearly. In 2016, it created a maternal, infant and child health hospital, which regularly serves around 150,000 patients.

About Qatar Charity

The organization began in 1992 as a response to the orphan crisis caused by the war in Afghanistan. It has since expanded to 30 offices across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

QC created its Pakistani office in Islamabad in 1998. Aside from its health initiatives, QC recently held a year-long campaign to help flood victims. Their assistance involved water, sanitation, hygiene solutions, food and shelter. Nearly 275,000 flood victims received essential nutrition and around 35,000 people benefitted from complete hygiene kits.

The charity’s current projects include:

  • Repairing the vision of millions of people living with reversible conditions
  • Drilling clean water wells
  • Sponsoring orphans
  • Building mosques
  • Providing economic empowerment for impoverished families
  • Responding to disasters in Morocco, Palestine and Libya

Recently, it launched the Alaqraboon app that platforms people who need to submit donation requests and enables merchants to respond to those needs. Qatar Charity commits itself to helping wherever it’s necessary, and continues to change lives with its outreach, collaborations and services.

Making a Difference in Pakistan’s Health 

Everyone deserves proper health care, especially the most vulnerable. Treating children and families with acute malnutrition can help create a better future for them and the country. You can donate on the charity’s website if you’d like to support QC’s initiatives.

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