In an inspiring move toward fostering community and catering to the diverse needs of children, a local UK charity based in Bernards Heath is set to unveil its plans for the development of a cutting-edge and inclusive playground. The project, as a result of collaborative efforts and extensive community input, is sure to bring joy and laughter to children of all ages and abilities in the area.

St Albans City & District Council and Let’s Play are responsible for designing this area. To raise funds for this initiative, the charity launched a buy-a-brick campaign, encouraging donations in exchange for an engraved brick at the entrance of the new play area. The donations closed at the beginning of the month, but families had the opportunity to create lasting memories by having their children’s names engraved for years to come.

Community Celebration With State-of-the-Art Equipment

The driving force behind this initiative is the nature of the planning process. The charity has actively sought input from the local community, even focusing on the voices of children from nearby schools. The aim was to create a space that reflects the varied needs and desires of the community, ensuring the playground becomes a central hub for social interaction.

A diverse range of feature requests poured in from community members, children and educators. This inclusive playground will include sought-after equipment catering to older and younger children and children with disabilities, ensuring every child can find something to enjoy. From modern climbing structures to sensory play elements, the playground is designed to stimulate creativity and physical activity

Sensory play is essential for developing young children, and this playground has everything needed to facilitate it. This cutting-edge playground boasts a quiet sensory area, a wheat rubbing post, word search games and a tic tac game, demonstrating the importance of sensory play while being outside in nature. 

Language progression develops rapidly during a child’s first three years of life, and peer interaction remains important throughout childhood. Additions like social seating and interactive games, such as a roundabout and group canon swing, allow children to develop these vital skills. 

What sets this playground apart is its commitment to inclusivity in design. The charity has made every effort to create an environment that accommodates children with different abilities. Accessible pathways, inclusive swings and sensory play areas are integral components of the design, ensuring that children of all abilities can play side by side. 

Catering for Older Children

One of the standout features of the playground is the inclusion of a multi-use game area for football enthusiasts. The space encourages team sports and friendly matches, fostering social interaction among the children.

Additionally, the playground will feature a Titan Swing, a thrilling and inclusive swing that accommodates multiple users, making it a popular choice for older children seeking adventure. 

The Grand Unveiling at Bernards Heath

The much-anticipated inclusive playground is set to make its debut at Bernards Heath in January 2024. This unveiling will culminate months of hard work, community collaboration and a shared vision for a more inclusive and accessible space for children. 

This playground provides a unique addition to the community, providing a safe space for play. Physical activity, sensory play, inclusivity and social interaction are crucial elements that contribute to a flourishing child and thriving community. The charity’s initiative aligns with a broader commitment to creating spaces that promote health, happiness and a sense of belonging. 

Let’s Play With Bernard Heath

As the local charity in Bernards Heath prepares to reveal its inclusive playground in January, the community is buzzing with excitement. This project serves as an example of what a community can achieve when everyone comes together with a shared vision. The inclusive playground is more than a play space — it shows the power of collaboration and building a better future that leaves no child behind.

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