There are 2.7 million single moms in the United States working to keep a roof over their child’s head and food in their belly.

The Christmas season may be a magical time for kids, but it can be stressful for mothers who strive to give their kids the best experience possible while making a living. It often leads to moms sacrificing their wants and needs for their children — leaving their stockings empty.

A Pennsylvania charity is working to give single working moms something special this Christmas.

Life as a Single Mom

Whether divorced, widowed or a single parent by choice, single moms have to do it all. Raising kids is always challenging, but a two-parent household allows adults to divide and conquer.

A career often isn’t a choice for single mothers. Nearly 78% work to make ends meet but still have less desirable salaries. Unequal opportunities and pay still plague women in the workforce. It’s even more noticeable for mothers who are the sole provider for their families. Working single moms have to provide essentials like strollers and car seats before they can think about wants. Around Christmas, they strive to give their kids the gifts they put on their lists.

Many rightfully see single mothers as strong and capable of doing anything. While that may be true, it’s easy to overlook the needs and desires of these fantastic women.

There is no break for working single moms. They don’t have anyone else to share the workload. It’s often a rush to get their kids off to daycare or school, go to work, pick up the kids and handle everything at home. If you’re the sole parent, you must always be present and engaged, even when your body and mind need a break. Still, many are happy to do it because of their immense love for their children.

The holidays are the perfect time to give single moms something special to care for themselves. A Pennsylvania charity is working to ensure that all working single mothers have a merry Christmas.

Adopt a Single Mom Project

Adopt a Single Mom Project is a nonprofit organization that provides gifts and other support to working single moms in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

As a single working mother to two boys, Donna Nelson saw a unique need in her community. She began the project to provide Christmas gifts to women like her who could use the extra boost during an often stressful time of the year.

She wanted to help other single mothers feel more confident and appreciated. Out of the 17,460 single moms in the region, over 12,000 remain just above the poverty line. That reality means that trying to afford gifts for kids is a struggle.

Thankfully, several organizations work to fulfill the Christmas wishes of kids whose parents could use the support. However, there was no option to give to single mothers. The holidays can feel incredibly isolating, especially when away from extended family and friends. Adopt a Single Mom project works to show love and support to these amazing moms.

Aside from its annual Christmas project, the organization also hosts monthly meet-ups, provides information on other community resources and has a virtual support group for working single moms.

How You Can Help

Adopt a Single Mom Project currently serves Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties in Pennsylvania. Its goal for 2023 is to raise $200,000 to provide gifts to 200 moms in the area.

You can donate to the cause or nominate a worthy single working mom through the organization’s website. The deadline for nominations is December 12, while the donation deadline is December 17. If you miss the cutoff, you can still donate to contribute to next year’s gifts.

Adopt a Single Mom Project Brings Christmas Cheer

Adopt a Single Mom Project gives comfort and joy to working single moms. Their mission helps give these hard-working women a happy holiday.

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