Tired of the same old coffee shops?

Want scrumptious, restaurant quality food at realistic prices?

Feel like being part of a social revolution while enjoying your lunch?

Social Bite - Welcome to the Social Café Revolution

Then you need to check out Social Bite, the ethical eatery that is taking Scotland by storm.

Located in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Social Bite is taking the idea of sandwich shop to a whole new level. With ambitious plans to expand into Dundee and Aberdeen, this social café is poised to become the place to be seen for ladies (and indeed gentlemen) who lunch.

Social Bite was borne from an idea that entrepreneurial endeavours can be used to benefit others i.e. not just to generate capital for their owners. Rather, this social enterprise uses 100% of its profits to advance its various charitable endeavours.

Social Bite - Welcome to the Social Café RevolutionThe café has yet another string to its bow. It feeds the local homeless community through a ‘Suspended Coffee and Food’ initiative. The idea is that members of the public can pay in advance for food and drink, in effect purchasing meal tickets. These meal tickets are then used by the homeless. Neat idea!

Not to mention that 1 in 4 of the Social Bite staff are former homeless people. You can meet the team here.

The benefits are tangible and the whole ethos behind the café is commendable and praise-worthy.

So what kind of nibbles can one expect at Social Bite?…


Food and Drink

The menu offers tremendous value for money and there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Michelin Star chef, Mike Mathieson designed the menu and the fresh, seasonal, locally produced and healthy food is prepared daily.

Social Bite - Welcome to the Social Café Revolution

Social Bite offer a wide and varied selection of:

  • Freshly prepared Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Baguettes
  • Wraps
  • Hot Meals
  • Gourmet Pies
  • Organic Coffee

What more could you want from your local sandwich shop?

What’s Nearby?

There are currently four Social Bite cafes. Close to Social Bite, Rose Street – Edinburgh is The Treasure Trove Shop – run by The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society charity. The shop sells crafts and knitwear made by hand. It’s also very close to Edinburgh Castle. The second cafe in Edinburgh is on Shandwick Place, which is close to St Mary’s Cathedral.

In Glasgow the two Social Bite cafes are located on St Vincent Street and Bothwell Street.

To find out more please visit the Social Bite website: www.social-bite.co.uk

Looking for a great place to enjoy a coffee and / or lunch? Want to avoid the large chains? Our Food for Thought series will offer you insight into cafés that provide good food and drink whilst helping others.

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