Sometimes, there is more to a coffee than you’d realise. That’s certainly the case at Redemption Roasters. Sure, there’s a clue in the name and there’s a sign about their mission near the door, but you could easily pop into one of their nine coffee shops in London and not know that the coffee you are drinking is helping to reduce reoffending rates. 

According to the national average, just 17% of people previously in prison in the UK are in work a year after release. This is something the team at Redemption Roasters are on a mission to change. 

Their training model is showing fantastic results, with 42% of Redemption Roasters’ graduates moving into employment.  

The organisation trains offenders in prisons across the country in roastery and barista skills to prepare them for life on the outside. On their release, they are helped to find work either at one of the Redemption Roasters coffee shops or with their wholesale clients. 

All the coffee you can enjoy at Redemption Roasters has been roasted within the walls of HMP The Mount. 

As well as helping to reduce reoffending rates, the team at Redemption Roasters are keen to help people to never enter the prison system in the first place. They do this through their community coffee school in East London, where people who are long-term unemployed or ‘at risk of crime’ are taught barista skills. 

Find out more about Redemption Roasters here.

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