6.4 million people took part in The Big Lunch 2015! That’s 10% of the UK and represents a huge increase of 32% from last year’s event.

What is The Big Lunch?

6.4 million people take part in The Big Lunch


The Big Lunch, a project launched six years ago, is an idea from the Eden Project which aims to improve community spirit and help build stronger neighbourhoods. Communities across the UK are encouraged to take part in the annual get-together for neighbours by organising and / or attending an event. This year The Big Lunch was held on the 7th June. Read more about The Big Lunch here.

People feel happier


6.4 million people take part in The Big Lunch

Nick Harmer, who organised his seventh Big Lunch in Malvern, Worcestershire along with neighbour David Head, explains: “People on our street feel happier after being involved in The Big Lunch because they now know there are people close by they can call on. It’s nice to feel part of a community and there’s definitely a better sense of belonging.”


6.4 million people take part in The Big Lunch

Picture: Gavin Engelbrecht

Lyn Juniper, who helped to organise the event in Winchester Close, South London, said: “Today’s been a great day and the perfect opportunity for everyone in our community to come together. Once you’ve met someone at The Big Lunch, you know you’ll speak to them whenever you see them from now on.

Next year The Big Lunch will be held on Sunday 5th June 2016. Get the date in your diary and visit The Big Lunch website for ideas on how you can get involved.

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