Located behind the National Theatre, The Green Room is a diner, bar and garden. It has been developed by local social enterprise Coin Street Community Builders in collaboration with the National Theatre. All profits from The Green Room support the National Theatre and local communities.

The Green Room, Southbank, London




Food & Drink

The majority of the bread is made on-site, while the specialist bakes come from an artisan bakery in south-west London.


The Green Room, Southbank, LondonThe Green Room, Southbank, London

The coffee is from Mozzo, a small independent coffee company who believe in making a positive impact both socially and environmentally by running a business as ethically as possible. They also supplied used coffee sacks that have been upcycled into The Green Room staffs’ aprons.


The Green Room, Southbank, London










What’s nearby

The Green Room is located behind the National Theatre on the corner of Upper Ground, next to Rambert.
Address: 101 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP

The following places are just a few minutes walk from The Green Room:

Southbank Centre: Europe’s largest centre for the art.

Hayward Gallery: an art gallery opened in 1968 within the Southbank Centre.

National Theatre: one of the UK’s most prominent publicly funded performing arts venues.


For more information about The Green Room please visit their website.



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