Paulina Platek realised that opportunities are out there and it’s important to make the most of them while at university. In episode 39 of the Good News Shared podcast Paulina tells us about Clothes Line, which she started while studying at The University of Bristol. Clothes Line provided free business clothes to young homeless people for college and job interviews. Listen to the interview below:


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“These opportunities are there and you never think that you can go for them or that you’ll be successful in getting them but you can.” – Paulina Platek


In the interview you will find out about: 

  • Why Paulina started Clothes Line
  • Paulina’s favourite times during her time running Clothes Line
  • The challenges she faced and what surprised her
  • How the Lloyds Scholars programme helped Paulina during university and beyond

…  And much more!


Find out more about the Lloyds Scholars programme here.

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Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared. Having worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years, Nisha is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are.

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