In 2015, 1.1 million refugees arrived in Germany. The country continues to face the task of helping them integrate into their new communities. Refugio, a share house and café in Neukölln, Berlin, is one way in which they are doing so.

At Refugio, which opened in the summer of 2015, people who have lost their homes or who have been forced to flee their countries to seek a new life are given refuge. The volunteer-run café, the events and workshops organised, and the encouragement of skill-sharing is helping to form a new community – one where everyone is given the confidence that they have something to offer.

The cafe offers a great selection of teas and coffees at a good price.

Refugio cafe Building a Community for Refugees in Berlin

The flat white is a great price at just 2 euros

As well as being a good price, the coffees are really well made, which makes the offer of barista training even more enticing!

Refugio cafe Building a Community for Refugees in Berlin

The coffee machine!

In the cafe there is a notice board advertising all sorts of great offers, including free bicycle training for women and German language lessons.

Refugio is located at Lenaustrasse 4 and the café is open from Tuesday-Sunday 10am until 6pm. For more information please click here to visit their website.

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