Germany is known for beer. So it was great to stumble across a German beer that is enjoyable to drink AND does some good for the community.

Quartiermeister is a bottom-fermented, brewed lager with an original gravity of 11.5° and an alcohol content of 5,0%. Brewed in accordance with German purity laws, Quartiermeister is not pasteurised, rather it is simply and gently filtered using the membrane filtration method.

The Berlin beer brand uses their profits to support local community projects. Quartiermeister is both a social enterprise and an association. The association is responsible for the allocation of funding and regulates the business operation. You decide online which projects will be funded by the company. You can also apply for funding for your own project, recommend projects from your own neighbourhood, or get involved with the association and help shape Quartiermeister yourself.

Master Brewer Stefan Glaab describes the taste of the beer as follows:

‘Quartiermeister is a fresh, traditional, mild, palatable, craft brewed lager. The beer stands out through its powerful and compact head. The body of the beer is light and spicy with a distinct hop bouquet and bittersweet taste.’

Who’s the guy on the bottle?

Enjoy a beer, do some good!

The guy on the bottle is the quartermaster

The quartermaster.

He concerns himself with the well-being of his neighbours, and he is seen as an emblem for everyone who sells, buys, drinks, does social projects and supports their neighbourhood through Quartiermeister.

Click here to visit their website to find out more information, including where you can buy one of their beers.

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