A daily changing menu, homemade cakes and a long list of interesting hot and cold drinks await you at Cafe Kurve in the Templehof area of Berlin.

Cafe Kurve is a friendly local cafe. Apart from a sign outside, you probably would not realise you are in a social enterprise cafe. The cafe provides people with mental health problems with employment, a daily structure and helps to improve their self-esteem. For more information please visit the Cafe Kurve website (please note, it’s in German).

Pasta, pizza and soup are some of the dishes on offer. The specials change daily and are put on the website in advance each week. The food portions are generous and are good value for money. The risotto was delicious!

Café Kurve in Berlin Templehof Helping People With Mental Health Problems

A generous serving of Spaghetti bolognese and a latte macchiato at Cafe Kurve

Coffee, tea and milkshakes are available, again at a good price.

Café Kurve in Berlin Templehof Helping People With Mental Health Problems

A cappuccino at Cafe Kurve

The staff were friendly and the service was quick. The atmosphere was relaxed yet buzzy. The cafe was busy from as soon as they opened, which is a really good sign!

What’s nearby:

Templehof feld – The former Tempelhof airport is now a public park, with a six-kilometre cycling, skating and jogging trail, a 2.5-hectare BBQ area, a dog-walking field covering around four hectares and an enormous picnic area for all visitors.

ufaFabrik – An international cultural centre, located on the premises of the former UFA film laboratory hosts numerous cultural and social projects.


If you are in the area I absolutely recommend this cafe. It’s not on TripAdvisor and not touristy at all, so if you are looking for a nice local cafe, Cafe Kurve is the place for you!

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