A mummy cat has been saved from being abandoned and giving birth to a litter of five on the streets thanks to the kind-heartedness and goodwill of a local resident and The Mayhew Animal Home.

Black and White Cat and her kittens saved by kind-hearted local resident

Trudy helped Sweetie after noticing her in her garden

Trudy Broome discovered the two-year-old black and white cat sitting in her front garden in Brent, London. At first she thought it was a neighbours’ cat, but when she didn’t move or return to her own home in the evenings, Trudy knew this feline was different.

She said, “I had woken up at 3am one morning and looked outside my window when I noticed she was still sat in my front garden. She was so affectionate and kept wrapping herself around my legs every time I stepped foot outside, so I knew she wasn’t feral and must have been either abandoned or unwell.”

On closer inspection, Trudy noticed the cat, later named Sweetie, had a rounded stomach and thought she might have been pregnant. She knocked on neighbours’ doors and searched the local area for lost posters, but had no luck.

“One evening it was particularly cold and I looked outside and poor Sweetie was still sat there freezing. I just couldn’t leave her there by herself, so I decided to let her in my house for the night. As soon as I opened the front door, Sweetie followed me straight in – I think she just wanted a place that was warm and comfortable,” Trudy continued.

The kind-hearted Londoner gave Sweetie food and put together a makeshift bed with blankets and towels in the corner of her shower in the downstairs bathroom.

The next day, just before nine in the morning, Trudy checked on Sweetie and couldn’t believe what she had discovered – an extra feline cuddling up beside her. Sweetie had given birth to one kitten and Trudy didn’t know how many more would be following, so she called her niece Kerry Scofield for help. By the time she arrived, Sweetie had given birth to a litter of five black and white kittens.

Black and White Cat and her kittens saved by kind-hearted local resident

One of Sweetie’s kittens

Trudy said, “Straight away we noticed one of the kittens wasn’t moving and had breathing difficulties. But thankfully Kerry quickly fetched a warm flannel and rubbed him all over and he was soon wriggling and moving around like his brothers and sisters.”

Soon afterwards, Trudy called The Mayhew Animal Home for help and advice on what she should do next.

The Animal Welfare Officers would normally collect mum and her kittens and take them back to The Mayhew Animal Home so the Cattery Team could care for them, the Vet Team could give them a health check, vaccinate and neuter them and later the Adoption Team could find them all new homes.

Black and White Cat and her kittens saved by kind-hearted local resident

Trudy looked after Sweetie and her kittens until The Mayhew had space for them

Unfortunately though, the charity were completely full to the brim with other unwanted and stray cats at the time. With no space to put them in the Cattery, the only option was to find them a foster home.

With advice and information from the charity and an offer of food and cat supplies, Trudy was more than happy to help look after Sweetie and her five kittens, named Tilly, Kandy, Gizmo, Oreo, and Felix, for a couple of weeks. The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers regularly kept in touch throughout their care with Trudy until they could take them in.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Alisa Ford, said, “It was important that they all stayed together so the kittens could receive the proper nutrients from their mum’s milk, which is essential for keeping them healthy and for their growth.”

“We are very grateful to Trudy for stepping in to care for them during this crucial time.  Without her help, Sweetie would most likely have given birth on the streets and we can’t imagine how terrifying that would have been for her and her kittens. Thankfully they were well looked after and within a few weeks, when space became available, we were able to collect them and bring them all back to The Mayhew until they’re ready to find new homes.”

For three weeks, Trudy tirelessly looked after them, providing shelter and food for Sweetie and her kittens. She even made weight charts so she could ensure they were all putting on a good and healthy weight.

Trudy enjoyed the experience, and hopes it won’t be the last she will see of Sweetie. She explained, “It has been great to help The Mayhew and make a real difference. I have become quite attached to them all, especially Sweetie, who I’m hoping to adopt and give her a new home she truly deserves.”

Once Tilly, Kandy, Gizmo, Oreo, and Felix are old enough and have been neutered, they will be available to find their purrfect forever home.

The Mayhew are always looking for more foster carers, so if you’re interested in helping please visit their website to find out how to apply.

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