Jídelna Kuchařek bez domova, a cafe in Prague staffed by homeless women, is offering affordable and healthy meals for all.

The café, whose name translates to Cooks Without a Home, employs homeless women who cook and serve healthy vegan food.

Prague Café Staffed by Homeless Women Offers Affordable Vegan Meals

The plates are donated and the furniture upcycled.


Why do some women have no place to call home, who are they, and how can we help them?

Jako doma (Like Home), the first NGO in the Czech Republic focusing on gender-specific homelessness was set up in 2012 to address the questions above.

In 2013, Jako doma set up the Cooks Without Homes project, where homeless women showcased their cooking talents at food stalls in locations across Prague.

Now, the project has a permanent home at the café on Brožíkova 281/6, Praha 5.

The food is simple and reasonably priced. The daily lunch menu of soup and a main meal is currently 95 CZK.

Prague Café Staffed by Homeless Women Offers Affordable Vegan Meals

Soup and a main meal cost 95CZK- less than £3.50.

To keep costs down, the restaurant makes use of so-called ugly vegetables which are misshapen (but otherwise fine) produce that is not sold in supermarkets due to appearance.


What’s nearby:

An amazing, free cable car

Petrin Hill- about 20 minute walk away


Jídelna Kuchařek bez domova is open Monday to Friday from 11.30am – 7pm.


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