In a country where healthcare facilities and professionals have been systematically targeted, one hospital in Syria rose from the ashes to treat tens of thousands of sick children. On the 5th April, this hospital will celebrate two years of existence.

Hope Hospital, run by the Independent Doctors Association, is the world’s first crowdfunded hospital built in a conflict area. A triumph of humanity, the children’s hospital was built two years ago after a British crowdfunding campaign went viral and people around the world gave over £240,000 to rebuild it in a safer area after it was bombed into oblivion.

Since its creation, Hope Hospital for children has provided 98,707 consultations, checked 26,309 children for malnutrition and provided specialist treatment to 52,846 children.

One of the children who has been treated at the hospital is Hanan. Hanan’s mother had to travel more than 60 kilometres to reach a hospital when giving birth to her in October last year. When Hanan was 10 days old she began to show symptoms of fever. Her mother gave her an anti-fever drug, but she didn’t improve, and when taken to Hope Hospital, Hanan was quickly admitted.

Crowdfunded Hospital is Giving Hope in Syria
52,846 children have received specialist treatment at Hope Hospital, including Hanan.

“Hanan came to the hospital suffering from convulsions and in a bad general condition,” said Dr Hatem, Hope Hospital’s Director and lead paediatrician. “We conducted emergency procedures and investigations to determine what was wrong with her. A CT scan showed cerebral oedema, which can cause irreversible damage and even death.”

Thanks to Hope Hospital staff’s specialist care, Hanan’s condition improved enough for her to be discharged, to the great relief of her mother. She needs to follow a course of medicine and ongoing check-ups at the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

“We receive dozens of cases like Hanan’s monthly,” said Dr Hatem. “We are so grateful for the unique presence of this free hospital. Despite the dangerous environment, we are able to save the lives of thousands of children annually.”

It took 38 dedicated organisations, over generous 5,000 people and £246,505 to open Hope Hospital. When the hospital was partially damaged by a car bomb, it was repaired. And when it was running low on funding in 2018, people raised an additional £480,505 to keep the light of Hope on. The world’s first crowdfunded hospital built in a conflict area is a triumph of humanity.  

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