Most of us are having a difficult time navigating the situation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Not being able to see loved ones, pursue our studies and careers, or go outside without a lawful reason is increasingly affecting our well-being, especially when the bigger picture appears ever-so-grim.  Some, however, are facing an even more gruelling challenge: key workers.

When Alanna Clare, a Year 11 student, found herself with extra time on her hands at home, she decided to make the most of it by using it to encourage people to show their support and gratitude towards key workers across all industries and sectors.  The story behind her campaign, Spread the Love: Love Key Workers, is a colourful one:

‘The initiative was sparked by the numerous rainbows and similar decorations that can be noticed on many streets around the UK; it seems that the streets are becoming more colourful and this is obviously having a positive impact on those around. As I pondered this, I came up with the idea of creating a rainbow heart made with tissue paper and cardboard, with the names of key workers covering it and adding to the rainbow effect’, explains Alanna. The initiative is dedicated to her grandmother, who passed shortly after the launch. So far, Alanna’s designs have been distributed to small companies, schools, and NHS trusts.

Student helps to show our love to key workers
Photo: Alanna Clare

The positive response prompted Alanna to branch out into creating video messages with the aim of producing ‘a truly wonderful message of hope to all key workers in whatever role they may have; from the binmen to the ICU doctors. They are all needed and they all need support and uplifting.’

If you want to contribute to the initiative yourself, send a 30-second video clip in which you express your gratitude towards the efforts of key workers to lovekeyworkers @

Student helps to show our love to key workers
Photo: Alanna Clare

Keen to do more, Alanna has created illustrated children’s storybooks depicting parents who are key workers as superheroes and started similar campaigns dedicated to elderly and disabled people.

The heroic commitment undertaken by key workers during this pandemic deserves utmost recognition and gratitude from all of us, who depend on their efforts in order to maintain structure in our lives and our society as a whole. Alanna’s project is a lovely way to express our thanks.

For more information and updates, follow Spread the Love on Facebook.

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