Community Fridges are being used throughout the UK to not only alleviate food waste but to also bring people and communities together. This project is part of a realm of fridges set up by ‘Hubbub’ and the Co-op. Hubbub is a charity that inspires ways of living that are sustainable and beneficial to the environment and has aided the Co-Op to create 150 Community Fridges across the UK. 


Community Fridges are not only fridges but also social spaces that are open and accessible to anyone and everyone. They are part of an initiative by Hubbub and the Co-op to save over 6.8 million meals per year from going to waste, by placing surplus food into a Community Fridge and distributing this to communities across the UK. Whilst tackling food waste, people from all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities are bought together. They are also able to get involved in cookery workshops and can learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Community Fridges: Bringing communities together whilst reducing food waste
Photo: Co-op

The 200th Hubbub Community Fridge was opened in Lancaster West Estate, located in North Kensington. It is the 50th fridge that is funded by the Co-op. Each fridge is able to redistribute almost 2.4 tonnes of food per month which equates to 5,683 meals. This shows not only can fridges tackle food waste, but this food is also used in a meaningful way that alleviates hunger and unites communities across the UK.  

RT Hon Justine Greening who has the ‘Hungry by Fed’ Community Fridge says: 

“It has done the most incredible job making sure people get the food they need and that they want right through this pandemic”

 Lizzie Murray-Clarke from Hubbub also says: 

“We offer Community groups with fridges and appliances but also the resources they need to run the fridge effectively. This includes Health and Safety Resources and Recipes”

Over the course of 2022, the Co-op will be funding 100 more new Community Fridges. When Co-op members and customers buy Co-op branded products, 2p for every pound spent is allocated and shared equally between their ‘Local Community Fund’. This is in place to support communities and to support projects that provide food, elevate mental health and wellbeing, and pave the way for opportunities for young people. 

Community Fridges: Bringing communities together whilst reducing food waste
Photo: Co-op Colleague Stories website

To find out more about where Community Fridges are located, or if you would like to set up your own, click here.

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