A severely underweight donkey whose bones could be seen through her thick winter coat is now looking forward to a brighter future.

After a concerned member of the public raised the alarm in November 2021, Donkey Welfare Adviser Charly Wain visited an address near Bishop Auckland in County Durham. She discovered 16-year-old mare Thistle sharing a hilly field with foal Declan, both exposed to the wintry weather. 

The two donkeys were found on land belonging to someone else after breaking out of their own field. When Charly saw Thistle’s skinny frame and overgrown twisted hooves, she became concerned for the pair’s welfare. 

Thistle’s hip bones and spine were poking out through her coat, and with no shelter in the field, neither she nor Declan had any protection against the cold November drizzle. 

“When I saw Thistle, I was very concerned about her. I could see her bones very easily, even through her thick coat, and her hip bones were particularly prominent,” Charly said. “Her body condition was very worrying, especially as she was exposed to the elements in such a harsh environment. I noticed her hooves were overgrown and twisted and I knew I had to help her and Declan.” 

Despite her condition, Thistle was comfortable with Charly’s presence and allowed her to fit a head collar and examine her feet. Declan, on the other hand, was not as confident and did not want to be handled. 

“I initially assumed Declan was Thistle’s foal as he was trying to feed from her, but I would later find out this wasn’t the case. Thistle was actually brought in as a companion for Declan. This only endeared Thistle to me more as she was so tolerant of a baby who wasn’t hers,” Charly added. 

A vet examined the donkeys’ condition and living environment and recommended that they were moved somewhere more suitable as soon as possible for further treatment. 

After contacting the owner of the donkeys, it was discovered that they could no longer provide the care they needed, and they agreed the best thing for Thistle and Declan would be for them to be relinquished into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary

Tests confirmed that Thistle was pregnant, and is expecting her own foal later this year. 

Once on hardstanding, the effect of Thistle’s poor hoof health was apparent, as she showed obvious signs of lameness. On closer inspection, vets discovered a hoof abscess and they prescribed a course of antibiotics. The underweight donkey also had her hooves trimmed by a farrier. 

“I am pleased to report that she is doing much better. She is such an affectionate donkey and very gentle. I am hopeful that with the loving care and attention Thistle is receiving, her foal will now be born fit and healthy. Despite his nervousness, Declan is still learning to trust people, but he is gaining confidence all the time,” Charly said. 

Underweight Donkey Finds Her Sanctuary 
Declan and Thistle in their field – LR credit The Donkey Sanctuary

“In the future, I hope that Thistle, her unborn foal and Declan continue to improve, and perhaps one day I’ll see them in a loving Guardian home on The Donkey Sanctuary’s rehoming scheme.” 

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