Are you getting ready to host a refugee or asylum seeker? A collection of free-to-use, jargon-free, educational resources has been created to help people wanting to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes and communities.

The aim of the SafeREFUGE campaign is to provide a trauma-informed, health-centred approach to the prevention, intervention, and aftercare of survivors of human trafficking and exploitation in the context of humanitarian crises, with notable reference to that caused by the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Humanitarian crises affect everyone in different ways. Many survivors will feel overwhelmed or be experiencing trauma responses. We made our collection of SafeREFUGE resources to support our UK-based hosts in providing a physically and psychologically safe environment for survivors of humanitarian crises”, says Dr. Rosie Riley, Founder & Chair, VITA Network.

“Whilst millions are fleeing Ukraine, there is an inevitable increase in risk of trafficking at all stages of the refugee journey. By making use of the medical and experiential expertise of the members of the VITA Network, we want to reduce this risk through prevention and intervention activities, as well as through support for survivors, ultimately contributing to a coordinated trauma-informed public health response nationally.”

The VITA SafeREFUGE campaign will provide free-to-access, educational resources for all, whether they be members of the public who will be welcoming refugee guests into their homes, rural village communities with refugee-hosting schemes, GPs and Practice Nurses who want to get ready to support their new patients, and refugees and asylum seekers newly arriving in the UK.

Click here to find out more and to get the free resources.

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