After a long and stressful two years, news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left many of us feeling completely drained and helpless. To make things worse, social media has been flooded with misinformation that makes it difficult to know which direction to head in. For many, this deep sense of powerlessness has been compounded by the lack of verified appeals. After doing some research, we have identified some that you can trust as a way to help Ukrainians. 

Keep The Kyiv Independent going

The Kyiv Independent has been a go-to for me personally over the last week. Though doom-scrolling is not recommended, I have relied on their Twitter account to stay informed. After editorial staff from the Kyiv Post broke away in November of last year to establish the news outlet, they have relied heavily on crowdfunding. Now that war has broken out they will need it more than ever before. The publication fears censorship of the press and is at serious risk of being attacked both physically (by bombing or ground invasions), and digitally if they are unable to fend off cyberattacks. 

“We are not backed by a rich owner or an oligarch. We will rely first and foremost on fundraising from our readers and donors, and later on commercial activities.”

You can help the Kyiv Independent via GoFundMe, here.

Support Desperate Ukrainian Children In Crisis

War is always devastating to children and young people. With regards to Ukraine, Save The Children have estimated that ‘at least 7.5 million under 18-year-olds – are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress, and displacement’. 

In Eastern Ukraine, where the war started, more than 400,000 children live in the areas at high risk of the direct impacts of the presence of soldiers and artillery, including being injured or killed by guns, landmines and explosive weapons, or being displaced from their homes. 

Organiser Simon Harris has started a fundraiser on behalf of Save The Children that has almost raised £70,000 already. 

Irina Saghoyan, Save the Children’s Eastern Europe Director, said:

“Ukraine’s children are caught in the crossfire of this adult war. It should never have come to this.

“Our most immediate concern is the risk to their health and wellbeing – in conflict, everything is on the table – death, injury, sexual violence, protection risks.  Children are terrified. They are hearing explosions, they are being asked to flee with just the clothes on their backs. The risk to their mental health and potential for long-term trauma cannot be underestimated.

You can donate here.

Respond with love 

Choose Love (formerly Help Refugees) is a UK-based NGO that provides humanitarian aid to refugees around the world. Over 800,00 people have fled Ukraine already. Choose Love says that this is the potential beginning of another major refugee crisis, and that ‘this invasion will be the most significant military action in Europe in decades and raises fears of the forced displacement of millions of people.’ Donations will provide important aid and services to those fleeing that includes emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support. 

Their target of £1,000,000 has already been reached, but more help means more chance of peace, and more support for those in grave danger of losing everything. 

You can donate to Choose Love here.

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