There are so many ways we can help others. Here at Good News Shared we love simple things that can make a difference. We have featured a number of incredible cafes that are doing good while also giving us consumers an easy way to give back too. So we are thrilled to be able to highlight seven incredible businesses ‘doing good through food’ that have been celebrated at a recent event by UnLtd.

The event highlighted the power of purposeful social entrepreneurs who are proving that the food retail sector is fertile ground for employing people who might otherwise face significant barriers to the workplace.

There are nearly half a million people who have been unemployed for more than 12 months in the UK. Long-term unemployment has a significant cost for individuals, society and government. The good news from the recent event by UnLtd at City Hall is that social entrepreneurs ‘doing good through food’ are providing effective solutions to this issue.


Here are seven social entrepreneurs who are ‘doing good through food’ and giving us delicious ways to help others:


Fat Macy’s

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Fat Macy’s help people living in temporary accommodation earn and save enough for a deposit. 

Yep, it’s possible to have a fun evening out with friends, enjoy a delicious meal, and do something good for others thanks to Fat Macy’s, a supper club offering both great food and a lifeline for young Londoners living in temporary accommodation. Profits go into a housing deposit scheme for chefs who are trained in both kitchen skills and financial planning. After ten events, chefs have enough money in the scheme to be able to afford a deposit for a flat and can move into independent living.


Canvas Coffee

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Drink coffee and help others at the same time! Photo: Scott Wishart

A coffee outlet in Portsmouth that offers both outstanding coffee and barista skills courses to people recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction.


Ignition Brewery

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Ignition Brewery is staffed by people with learning disabilities. Photo: Scott Wishart

Help others by drinking beer? Yes, that’s possible too! Ignition Brewery is a micro-brewery based in Lewisham, staffed by young people with learning difficulties. They sell wonderful beer, reflecting local South East London names and traditions.


Audacious Veg

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Photo: Audacious Veg

Want to eat somewhere with locally sourced ingredients? Check out Audacious Veg, an urban salad farm that trains unemployed young people and ex-offenders to grow environmentally friendly salad, micro-herbs and edible flowers which are then sold directly to restaurants.


Miss Macaroon

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Enjoy a sweet treat while helping others via Miss Macaroon. Photo: Scott Wishart

Got a sweet tooth? Birmingham-based Miss Macaroon is for you- they provides employment and training programmes for young people who’ve slipped through the education system, have left the care system or who find themselves homeless.

Well Grounded

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Coffee tastes even better when it’s helping others. Photo: Well Grounded

Half a million young people are unemployed in the UK. This Barista-training social enterprise connects speciality coffee shops with budding young coffee heads by providing 10 weeks top-level training, mentorship and work experience.

Cally Munchy

7 Delicious Ways You Can Help Others

Cally Munchy donate some of their profits to a soup kitchen. Photo: Scott Wishart

An Afro-Caribbean ‘fusion fast food’ pop-up that now offers bespoke menus to events and supper clubs. “We want to unify the masses through food in all its goodness,” the team say. They’re also running special dinners for elders, and a third of profits go to Brixton-based Soup Kitchen.

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