Social Enterprise Cafes

It is possible to enjoy a delicious lunch and a great coffee and do something for others.  How? By going to cafes that do good, e.g. Social enterprise cafes or cafes run by charities.

Social Enterprise Cafe Directory

This social enterprise café directory will hopefully make it easier for you to find great cafes that are doing good for others.

*PLEASE NOTE: The list of social enterprise cafes will be updated regularly, so please do check back for more cafes to visit*

If you would like to write about a social enterprise café that you have visited please get in touch.


Social Enterprise Cafe Directory:


Grassmarket Cafe


Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland

Social Bite Cafe


Swansea, Wales

Tapestri Cafe


Powys, Wales

The Bakers Table


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Common Grounds Cafe

The Bobbin Coffee Shop

The Dock Cafe


Manchester, England

Manchester Mind cafe

Nexus Art cafe


Leeds, England

Cielo cafe and Roaster


Sheffield, England

Heeley City Farm cafe


Oxford, England

Turl Street Kitchen


Worcester, England

The Fold Cafe


Bristol, England

Roll for the Soul


Norwich, England

Britannia Cafe

Stepping Stones Cafe


Milton Keynes, England

Buszy Cafe


Central London, England

The Dragon Cafe

The Green Room

Change Please


East London, England

Crisis Skylight Cafe

Kahaila Cafe

Paper and Cup Cafe

Trew Era Cafe

The Canvas Café

Unity Cafe, Olympic Park

Second Shot Coffee


North London, England

Platform Cafe

Sanctuary Cafe

Clitterhouse Farm Cafe

We Walk the Line


South London, England

YMCA Wimbledon Cafe

James Wilson Coffee Shop

Coffee Ethic


Portsmouth, England

Canvas Coffee Shop


Berlin, Germany


Cafe Kurve



Kampot, Cambodia

Epic Arts Cafe


Please let us know if you know of any great social enterprise cafes that we should check out!



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