Do you know what a social entrepreneur is?

A social entrepreneur is an entrepreneur that sets up a venture firmly rooted in delivering positive social change.

In the UK, there are plenty of social entrepreneurs working on a wild range of issues like youth employability, domestic violence, disabilities, food waste, etc.

Why has MakeSense created a community for social entrepreneurs?

MakeSense: The Community for Social Entrepreneurs

Photo from a recent event in Cambridge bringing together local social enterprises, incl Cambridge Academic Performance, SimPrints, and Utano Tea

MakeSense believes social entrepreneurs are the heroes of the 21st century.

Social entrepreneurs are sometimes isolated and their journey seems even harder than a normal entrepreneurial one. However, there are plenty of people interested in giving their time to do good and be useful for the society. The idea is to connect these two worlds through collaborative events.

At MakeSense, social entrepreneurs are helped to define and formulate the challenges they encounter. This breaks down what can feel an insurmountable problem among an overwhelming number of problems into something which is actionable and can be tackled with a little help from some friends.

The MakeSense communities organise workshops where the social entrepreneur is connected to enthusiast supporters who bring new approaches and skills to tackle the challenges and allow the social entrepreneur to move forward with a validated and refined path.

The supporters gain an insight into social enterprise and the challenges they face by social entrepreneurs. They will be able to get involved and share their talents and expertise with a cause that makes sense for them. It can also inspire them to become a social entrepreneur!

London hosts one of the most active communities and is now supported by UnLtd to train new members and spread the movement in 10 cities across the country. MakeSense is organising a series of events in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Nottingham, Northampton, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton, Warwick!

Social entrepreneurs! Social business enthusiasts! MakeSense are looking for you!!

A note from Nisha Kotecha, Founder of Good News Shared:

I took part in my first ever MakeSense session last year during the Ashoka and Arthur Guinness Projects’ Makers of More event. It was brilliant to be part of something so supportive and solution focused, and I can’t wait to get involved again!

To join a MakeSense event please get in touch with Elodie – and please follow MakeSense on Twitter @MakeSenseTwitts

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