.. A treasure trove in the heart of the capital

Nestling in the heart of Edinburgh city lies possibly the most unique place you will ever shop.

The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self aid Society runs the Treasure Trove shop, and it is very much an Aladdin’s cave of the highest quality hand crafted goods this side of Heaven.

The society has its origins in Victorian Edinburgh, where it functioned as a means of financial support for the gentle folk of Edinburgh. It has gone through some changes but it remains a charitable society.

By supporting them, you are assisting people in genuine need. The society aims to help those of limited means gain an independent livelihood by promoting the sale of their handiwork. Despite the challenges that members face, such as ill health, age, disability or financial hardship, they produce the highest quality items for the discerning customer. The makers are all members of the self-aid society. They set their own prices with the society taking only 10% of the income to help with administrative costs. The society help bakers, knitters and toy maker’s alike. All are true artisans skilled in their trades, giving the customer that assurance of quality.

The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society..

Photo from their website: http://www.selfaidsociety.co.uk

The society regularly showcases their wares around the Edinburgh area with several successful pop up shops being particularly noteworthy.

If you are in the city of Edinburgh, can you really afford not to check this place out?

What the makers say:

– “I joined the society in 1995. The society has been a great help to me. It keeps me occupied and keeps my spirits up knowing the items I produce are appreciated by the people who buy them. It also provides me with extra income which helps me throughout the year.”

– “I joined the society in 2006. The society has been a lifesaver to me. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis so doing my baking helps to keep me active and also takes my mind off the pain. I am 75 years old now and to know that my baking is so popular that I have had special orders from customers boosts me so much. Also the income allows me to save for a little holiday or a special treat. I bake all day on a Sunday from 11am till around 7.00pm this allows me to do my bake, let the cakes cool down and then bag and price them.”

– “I have been a member for over 30 years. The society to me is brilliant. I make things on a regular basis and then I love visiting the shop for a chat when I drop my goods off.”

Where to find The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self aid Society:

Based a stone’s throw from Princes Street in Edinburgh City Centre, at 23A Castle Street, EH2 3DN – not far from The Social Bite 🙂 

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