Volunteering has the power of great change. Change to benefit a charity, a user, but more so in the volunteers themselves.

It’s an overwhelming feeling looking back at my journey and seeing how I have developed through each volunteering role, and none more so than my blog, John’s Road to Volunteering.

A tool I wanted to use to not only share my experiences, but to find my voice and on May 11th, I am showcasing the benefits of social media through speaking out. I am launching a new volunteering chat aimed at creating a networking platform for charities and prospective volunteers.

A way for charities to promote their work, share volunteer stories and to highlight why people should get involved, and on the other hand, the chat will be a way for prospective volunteers to find out what volunteering is all about, whilst sharing why they want to get involved, and at the end fingers crossed there’ll be matches.

A single match and my job is done.

Isn’t this what the voluntary sector is missing? New initiatives to catch the attention of non-volunteers and using the power of social media to reach new audiences and to connect with like-minded professionals.

We all have thoughts about the development of the sector, and sometimes the individuals not currently in the sector are the ones who bring something different.

Let’s make a difference as one on May 11th. You can find out more about the chat on April 4th on @JohnRdtoVol.

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