Blue Monday – the third Monday in January – is said to be the most depressing day of the year. This year Blue Monday is on 16th January 2017. 

Some claim that Blue Monday is scientifically proven to be the most depressing day of the year. In actual fact, the day was started in 2005 as a promotional campaign by a travel company. They published a formula produced by psychologist Chris Arnall stating that variables – such as weather conditions, how bad our debt is, amount of time since Christmas and how long it’s been since we failed in keeping our New Year’s Resolutions – all contribute to making Blue Monday what it is. 

However, it seems the formula isn’t quite up to scratch.

Despite this, Blue Monday is a term / concept that gets a lot of media attention every year, so here at Good News Shared we try to come up with extra ways to put a smile on your face. 

This year, we are running a competition- the winner, chosen at random, will receive a copy of The Moments Journal– our guided journal that leaves people feeling more optimistic and positive every evening as they remember and appreciate the good things from their day. 

“Reflecting on the positive things that happened during the day definitely makes me go to bed happier and I get a better quality sleep because of it.” – Glynis

Blue Monday Doesn't Have to be The Most Depressing Day of the Year


Entering our competition is simple- 

  1. Take a photo of a happy moment from your day. It can be anything – big or small – as long as it made you happy 🙂
  2. Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, and / or Facebook – choose one, two or all three of these social media networks to share your photo on. 
  3. Use the hashtag #TheMomentsJournal in your post description 

Blue Monday Doesn't Have to be The Most Depressing Day of the Year

The competition is running from 16th January (Blue Monday) to 22nd January 2017. The winner- chosen at random- will be notified the following week. 

Good luck! 

For more information about The Moments Journal or to buy a copy for yourself, friends, family and colleagues, please click here

“After a seemingly endless barrage of negative front pages in 2016, I felt that it would be a good idea to spread a little positivity in 2017. My friends were delighted to receive the Moments Journal for Christmas and I look forward to hearing about the great start they are making to the new year!” – Daniel



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Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared. Having worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years, Nisha is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are.


  1. what a lovely journal and what a great competition. I’m going to pic a photo to submit and encourage my husband to do the same as we’re both trying to appreciate the little happy moments this month. x