Ever felt bad after tucking into a late night snack? Or for buying another pair of shoes that you know you don’t need? A group of students have developed an app that helps people minimise the remorse they feel from their ‘sins’ by donating to a good cause.

New Donation App Helps People Turn Regrets into Good DeedsThe sins and charities are a perfect match – if you are guilty of laziness, then your money will go towards children’s charities that help young people to experience new things. If you spent too much money on clothes or gadgets, your contribution will go to a charity that buys necessary items for homeless people.

The app, which is currently available in the Apple App store in the United States works with six charities but wants to grow their number of partners as well as subscribers in the upcoming years.

The idea behind the app is that people are looking for an easy and quick way to donate, preferably using their smartphone. SinUp gives people the chance to do this in a fun way.

The app allows its users to choose the amount of money they wish to donate, and works as a virtual ‘swear’ jar.

Whether you regret your daily sins or you think other people should be able to experience things and a good standard of life, Sinup makes the donation easy for you. The app also works like a community through which you can track other sinners. You can define the weight of your sin, write a caption and decide whether you want to share your story with the community or not.

Although Sinup is currently only available in the US, the Polish-American team of five hopes to expand to different regions including the UK soon.

You can learn more about the app on the Sinup website.

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