It can be really hard to stay positive during difficult times. I’ve found my mood to be quite changeable during lockdown, and I know I’m not alone in having really strange dreams

A few weeks back I shared my A to Z of lockdown moments – simple, special moments that have given me a boost – on social media. At the time I found it really helpful to go through the alphabet and think about the different things that I’d been enjoying. Some days it was really hard to think of anything, other days I could think of lots of things. I loved hearing what other people have been enjoying too.

I’ve now put them all together (see below). I really enjoyed looking back at the things I enjoyed. Some of them feel like they were such a long time ago! There are some that I haven’t done for a while that I might try and do again soon, so looking back on these moments has been a nice reminder.

Your #LockdownMoments

I’d really recommend spending a few minutes each day to think about the small, simple things that have put a smile on your face during this challenging time. 

I’ve put together a template which you can print out and fill in if you’d like to. 

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